Can we be of assistance?

UnitPal’s customer support is ready to answer your questions by phone or email. Our support is included in all subscriptions and available on weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00. Should you require assistance outside these hours, UnitPal hotline is open 24/7.

General FAQ:

What is UnitPal

UnitPal is a Hotel Property Management System, with inbuild inventory-, yield-, revenue- and customer relationship management.

When adding your inventory in UnitPal, you will get a 1-1 replica of your property in the cloud. Complete with your beds, rooms, add-on products and services, rates, prices and packages, guests, agents and company customers, commissions and allotments. Once created, you are ready to take reservations, check guests in and out, send confirmations and issue invoices.
Due to UnitPal’s unique structure and modern technology, you will get a complete insight into the health of your property, in order to make the right decisions based on the key numbers, as UnitPal tracks and displays all transactional and operation movement

Who is UnitPal for?

UnitPal is for any hotel, guesthouse, B&B or inn, who wishes to systematise their daily operations and increase their revenues

How do I get UnitPal?

Just press here, fill in your details and we will send you a confirmation email. Follow the link in the mail and you are all set to build your hotel or B&B

For how long do I have to commit?

There is no fixed period. Although we are sure you will stay with us for a long time, you can stop your subscription at any time

I have tried other PMSs and they don’t work for me, how are you different?

Where to start… We are completely different in so many ways. Take our word for it, try it out and see for yourself. It’s free to try for 30 days, no strings attached. If you don’t like it, you can stop at any time

I never used a hotel management system or practiced revenue management, is this a problem?

No, in fact it may be easier for you, as you haven’t been schooled in old systems and outdated methods

Support FAQ:

Do you provide support?

Yes, support is included in your subscription on all business days between 08:00 – 16:00 Danish time. Should you wish to use our hotline outside office hours, the prices are as follows:

From 4pm to 10pm – EUR 200/hour
From 10pm to 8am – EUR 255/hour

Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays
From 8am to 4pm – EUR 200/hour
From 4pm to 10pm – EUR 255/hour
From 10 pm to 8am – EUR 325/hour

Who sets up my hotel or B&B?

You do. It is all online, so you don’t need to have any technical skill or think about downloads, difficult installations or configurations. Simply follow the steps as you build your property

How do I set up my B&B or hotel?

You just press here and fill out the form. We then send you a confirmation mail, click the link and start building your property. After filling out some basic information about your property, you go step by step building your beds, rooms, products and services, rates and packages and you are ready to start taking reservations

How long does it take before my hotel is ready?

It depends how many rooms and different prices and packages you have. We have seen hotels being built in as little as 25 minutes, but expect to set aside a couple of hours.

Can you help me build my hotel in UnitPal?

We will be happy to. Give us a call or write, and we will help you out

Can you give me some tips on revenue management?

UnitPal is designed to help people do revenue management, even if they have no or little prior experience. It gets easier the more you use UnitPal. If you would like to go deeper with revenue management, we do offer consultancy as an extra service. See our support page for more information

Technical FAQ:

What operating system do I need to install UnitPal?

UnitPal is a cloud-based system, so you don’t have to install anything. All you need is computer or tablet with an internet connection

What computer do I need to run UnitPal?

UnitPal will run on any desktop, laptop or tablet, as long as it is connected to the internet

Do you share my data or give out my information?

Absolutely not! We take your privacy very serious, and will never give out any personal data or information

Can I integrate my software or app to UnitPal?

We are always interested in connecting. Send us a message  and we will see how we can work together


Weekdays 08:00 - 16:00 (CET)

+45 40 944 944


Outside office hours*

+45 30 23 45 86

Training & Consulting

We also offer staff training or revenue management consulting.

Prices are all weekdays:

From 8am – 4pm – EUR 255/hour

From 4pm – 10pm – EUR 325/hour

Please note these prices are excluding travel time and costs, accommodation and catering, should you like us to visit you on-site.

Contact us to arrange a time.

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UnitPal is a Danish designed property and revenue management system, developed by seasoned hotel professionals. Everything we do, we do to increase the possibilities, profits and pleasure of hotel management. With UnitPal, we have built the system we only dreamed we could have had, when we were behind the front desk or in the back office.

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